Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mother's Day in Philly was seriously the best day EVER!! We had our church clothes packed so we decided to go to a church where we wouldn't have dress up! We went to an all black church - literally we were the ONLY white people in the entire building! The people at Alpha Praise welcomed us with open arms; Mike said you can tell a true Christian when you can look past outer appearances! I have never had so many hugs and kisses! It was just how you would picture it - a band, singers, wonderful preacher (and wife who gave the message) - you know you have come to PRAISE when you bring a fan with you! We danced and clapped our hands right along with them. Bo was the only white boy in children's church, I was very proud of him to have the courage to go alone! He met a little boy named Julian; he told Bo, "Come on, I'll sit by you!" What an awesome experience! I have always loved African American people, but sitting in church I fell IN LOVE with them!
After church we went to South Philly where we had an authentic Philly steak sandwich at Pat's! They smoother it (and the fries) with Cheez Whiz! It all was fabulous!! Really, I'm not too big of a Philly steak fan - but it was to die for! Even the Pepsi tasted especially YUMMY! Philadelphia is a pretty dirty city; to paint a vivid picture.... we walked past a bag of poop right there on the sidewalk!

After Pat's, we headed to the Philadelphia Art Museum where Rocky ran the steps! It was SO fun! I don't know if it was because we hadn't spent much time as a family or if it really was just a wonderful day?! We raced up the steps - stood in front of the Rocky statue and looked out over the Philadelphia sky line!
What a perfect day! I am so grateful for the opportunity of being a wife and mother; I'm blessed beyond measure! It has been a little cramped in a one room hotel room for an entire week, but it has brought us closer together as a family!


steveandsteph said...

This is just sooo fun to read about your amazing adventures! So glad you have joined the blogging world. It is seriously the BEST! I sure hope we can get out there this summer. We would need to fly though, so we're not sure we have the money. But, we're looking into it. Between your blog and Jen's, I am sooo wanting to get out there!
Can't wait to see more of your fun posts!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog! It looks like you guys are having a great time and seeing some really cool sights. Paige will be so excited to see her good friends. WE miss you!


Char said...

Hi Vanessa and family, How fun to read your cute blog!!! Sounds like you are all doing great and seeing some fun and awesome sites. I am jealous of all the places you are getting to see. I would love to visit the Amish communities. Hope you job turns out to be a good one and that you enjoy the people you work with. I will check out your blog frequently. Hope the summer is a great success for all of you. Love you tons, Char

Aleisha said...

Hey Vanessa!
What an adventure you are having. I am excited you have a blog now. It has been so fun catching up with all my old friends.

Courtney said...

Hallelujah! We want to go to the "fun" church with you sometime! :)