Sunday, June 15, 2008

My baby girl is ONE!!

Baby Bella is ONE! I don't remember the first year going THIS fast with my other two kids! I have completely enjoyed my little Bells - I haven't wanted to hurry the mile stones along like I did with my first two. I have just let her go at her own pace - she just started to crawl a month ago - she's not even close to walking yet! Bell only has two teeth - I love to see her cute smile with only two bottom teeth!
Bella loved eating her own cake - she was reaching for it before we even had her in her highchair!
My attempt at a cake! I have a friend (Julie) who helps me try to be domestic! She's taught me to make my own cakes (I have always just bought them)! Being 2,500 miles away I had to go it on my own - SCARY! Anyone who knows me well knows I don't have a crafty bone in my body! (I missed you Julie - brace yourself because we'll be home for Bo/Bri's birthday!!)
I know I am bias - but she is the cutest little thing I have EVER seen!!
This morning in church there was a new mom with a newborn baby - I sat watching her as I thought of my little Bell and the milestones she has made in the last year!
*She can give kisses (not too often though), play peek-a-boo and blow kisses!
*She crawls EVERYWHERE - she's fast too!
*Bella has her brother and sister eating out of her hand - they do everything for her! Bo doesn't talk to her unless he's talking in a baby voice!
*She likes anything soft! She is my first kid to have a "bear" - she sleeps with a soft bear/blanket she got from Grandma Julie!
*Bella has the cutest curls - the more hair she gets, the more curls!
*She loves keys and cell phones (after she broke my last one I have banned her from my new one!)
*She loves to play catch with Bo! We might have a little athlete on our hands?!
*Bell is easy going! She's used to be drug around to whatever activity we are doing that day! She especially loves to go to the pool and dip her feet in the water.
*She loves to take the sacrament - it's the highlight of the meeting!
*She loves to EAT! Her favorite meals are the "Gerber Graduates." She also loves to eat ice, ice cream and Popsicles!
*Bell hugs and loves! She lays her head on your shoulder and just melts your heart!
*The minute she hears music she starts to dance! I don't know how she knows - no matter the music, she's dancing!
*She is learning sign language from my sister-in-law! SO CUTE!!
*She can spot a "dog-dog" from a mile away! Of course I love hearing her say it!
*Bell LIKES to go "ni-ni" - night, night!! She goes to bed at 8 or 9 and sleeps until about 9! I love a girl who sleeps in!!
*Bella is a MAMA'S GIRL!! She loves her mom - and I think the world of her!
I really thought I could be done having kids after we had Bo and Bri - I felt complete having a boy and a girl! I'm glad everyday we had our third baby, Bella Ruth - I think the world of her! She makes me happy to be a mom! I LOVE YOU BELLS!!


Aleisha said...

I love the cake!

cbseeg said...

Time flies when you're having fun...seems like we are able to enjoy the kids the more we have.. not so busy being paranoid about being good moms.. they all grow up way too fast..but, the cake looks great! Brenda

steveandsteph said...

H.B. Bella! Can we order a number 6 birthday cake for Conner next week? That was a fantastic number one cake!

AnnDee said...

Great Cake -- It makes you seem very creative. :)
Loved the post all about Bella -- it makes me feel like I know her. She is so sweet. How can I order one of those? (the female gender, I mean)

I wish we lived closer -- no amount of Yankee games or strawberry picking is worth being so far from family. At least for me. You're lucky to have this summer and so lucky to be going back! love you guys.