Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Night @ Chuckie Cheese

We have to take advantage of things we can't do in St. George - one of my kids favorite things is "Chuckie Cheese!" My brother-in-law, Jeriah, was more excited to eat at Chuckie Cheese then the kids even were!! Bo was completely motivated to get as many tickets as he could in order to get the best prize at the end of the day. Here he is shooting hoops!
Mike soon joined in the fun with Bo and did most of the games right along side of him!
Bri, on the other hand, lives life just to have a good time! She loves riding rides - her favorite is the roller coaster simulator! She giggles with delight as she watches the roller coaster pretend movements on the screen in front of her!
Bella loved the music - she rocked out (see the video). A great time for all!!
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Erin said...

Chuckie Cheese is the best place for pictures...well, I don't have any there, yet, but I love how yours are so colorful!

Schimmy said...

You guys have had so much fun out there. I am so wishing we could go back east and just visit. I love seeing all the exciting places you have been able to visit.

Brad and Genis Barben said...

So...i'm using the ipod in cali to leave a little note! Looks like you guys are making the most of this last little while. Gad you're having so much fun. Love ya, barben's