Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Franklin Institute of Science Museum - July 5

We see homeless people all over - I had to take this opportunity to take a picture while he slept! Bo really worries about the homeless - he found a nickle and decided to save it for the next homeless person we saw! Later this same day he said, "Mom, do you think that man with the beard was homeless?" I said I did - he said, "Good because I gave him my nickle!" Bo has the sweetest heart! I love that kid!
After we left the zoo we booked to the museum and thankfully took a wrong turn (a couple of them - I turned onto oncoming traffic on a one-way street) and found out where we were going on accident! This museum is AWESOME!! Check out the HUGE heart behind Bri - it's two stories and you walk through it - actually follow the path that your blood goes into the arteries! The bummer about this is that it's dark and all you can hear is the sound of a hear beating - I had a mini panic attack from being in just a small space and unable to get out! I was scared to death - nothing like that has ever happened to me! The lady in front of me was yelling, "Can we hurry? This lady is panicking!!" After a few minutes I was fine and moving on to the next activity!

There's a sports challenge room upstairs - my kids were in heaven! Here's Bo and Bri having a wheelchair race! Bri won - perhaps the only time in their life (she was in the racing wheelchair)! You could throw a ball and it timed how fast it was thrown (Bo threw 25mph)! Stand on a surf board while it moved on the waves! Jump vertically and see how many high! Climb a rock wall, defend a soccer goal from goals and drive a race car! Bell was glad just to get out and crawl for a minute!
Here's Bo and Bri learning about electricity. I had NO idea how many things Benjamin Franklin did! Just to name a few: he invented bifocal glasses, founded the first US hospital, started 1st circulating library, started 1st fire and police department, street lighting-paving and cleaning, invented the stove.... I had NO idea - plus his picture is on my favorite bill - $100.
There was a REAL train that actually moves - the kids can sit in the drivers seat! Look how much blood Bo has in his body - 7 cups!
When the museum closed we walked a short distance up the street to the ROCKY steps! Here's Bo imitating the "Thinker" - the head of the "Thinker" got cut off! Behind the statue (you can see part) is the "Gate of Hell." Bell has learned how to do stairs - she just crawled up the stairs over and over, she was BLACK! Of course we had to go to our favorite FISH place in west Philly! You choose your fish and they cook it for you! It's right in the hood! YUMMY crab and shrimp - great atmosphere - what could be better?
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Laura and her boys! said...

That museum sounds awesome! My kids would love all the stuff in there. Now I've added another thing to my list of what I want to do!