Saturday, October 4, 2008

Go Blue Birds!!

Thank heavens for Shauna and her photography - she got a picture of the CELEBRATION of Bri's first soccer goal!! Out of 4 games we finally made it to one!! Once Bri saw Mattie score she realized how it was done - took the ball down and scored a goal!!

If you know Zac - you love him! He's the cutest coach with these little girls! After Bri scored she just stood there and waited for him to come get her and throw her up in the air!!
Then, after a score - they all (including Zac) fly back for the next kick off!
Blue hair day for picture day (a Zac tradition!) To make her outfit look more "girly" Bri insists on these blue flower bows!! Also, Zac bought blue nail polish for their nails!

Mattie, Bri and Kara - gotta love it!!
GOOOOO Bluebirds!!!
So, in the end we got KILLED! Bri was oblivious - could have cared less - she scored a goal and that was all that mattered to her!!
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LACY said...

LOVE the soccer pics!