Saturday, May 24, 2008

Adventure Aquarium

We found an amazing place today called "Adventure Aquarium." Our kids loved it! There is a shark encounter (like at Sea World) where you walk through a tunnel and the sharks swim over the top of you! Here's my kids right by the sharks - I think they are a little too close!
Their favorite part of the aquarium was all of the animals you can touch! Here is my little Bri petting a star fish (I never thought she would be brave enough to do this!)
Here's Bodie petting a sting ray! He couldn't get enough of petting the sea creatures! There are different kinds of sharks (my pictures were too dark of those), jelly fish, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, star fish and sting rays that you can pet as long as you want.
Right next to this was a lady holding a penguin. The next picture is a beautiful jungle scene - perfect for a "photo op!" The people behind me were gushing over Bo and Bri (Bella was asleep in the stroller) - I'm biased, but they are pretty darn cute!
Another great day in Philly!
*The aquarium was in Camden, NJ. After we went, we found out that Camden is the murder capital of the country! We were glad that we decided to bag our plans of riding the bus around the city!


Louise and Travis said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun
We are missing you
Love your soundtrack!

Jocey said...

Wow! You've done a great job with your blog. What fun you guys are having. The kids will remember this summer for a long time! So good to keep up on how you guys are doing.
Love, Mer