Friday, May 23, 2008

Here I come Brandywine!

Well, I'm back at work! Last night was my first night and tonight I'm home doing a blog entry (when I was supposed to be at work) because I was already called off due to low census! I am going to stay per diem so I am the first to be called off when they are over staffed! To be honest it's nice to be home tonight! A few weeks of being a stay at home mom and it's hard to get back into it! For you non-medical this post will be a little boring!
It's a new life in the hospitals out here! Really I hear I'm pretty lucky to be scheduled at Brandywine! It's 100 years old! It's kind of like working on 4N, only older! There are no sinks to wash your hands except for the sink in the patient's bathroom; they use the hand sanitizer mostly (I can't convert to that!) They don't stock size small gloves, so to do a procedure you have to wear baggy gloves (I grabbed some sterile gloves to start an IV so they would fit)! They only have saltine/ graham crackers for patient snacks and to drink they have a couple things of juice and some Ginger Ale! The cafeteria isn't open at all during the night - I had to get a sandwich out of the vending machine! The nurses don't do shift summaries - in fact they have never heard of them! Our floor (which is ortho/general surgeries) consists of 17 beds and they have the only single rooms in the hospital. On the med/surg floor the RN's take up to 8 patients at night. The BEST part is that the staff is REALLY nice so far! I think I'll be happy there; it should be easy to pick up on as they are still on paper charting! It's only 13 weeks - I'm already missing my home on W1!


steveandsteph said...

Gotta say, I'm lovin' that you're a BLOGGER!!! Great updates and I didn't think your post was boring at all-AND I know NOTHING about medical stuff! It's just fun to see what you all are up to.

AnnDee said...

That's interesting to know the hospitals can very so much. I'm not into the medical gargin, but it's still fun to hear. And, because your a blogger you'll have it all documented to remind you of this unique experience!!

love ya

Britania said...

We miss you on W1, come back soon, but have fun while you are there.