Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some of our adventures

Having a husband gone all afternoon and evening leaves a lot of time for exploring! Some of the things we have done so far are visit the Betsy Ross house and learn about her making the American flag... Pres. George Washington came to her home a few months after her husband passed away and asked her to make it; one year later our first flag was done! It put her in danger to make it; if the English would have found out she could have been put to death!
Go and see the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell rang for freedom on July 8, 1776 to mark the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.
Herr's is a BIG name for chips back here! We live right by the factory - we went on a tour! We saw how tortilla chips, potato chips and pretzels are made! It was really interesting!
We have also visited an Amish community and went on a tour of their home and farm! I was fascinated by it! We passed about 50 horse and buggies - there were 2 Amish families in our chip tour! I wish I had a picture with them but they believe it's a "graven image" to be photographed - so no pictures! We visited the mint and saw how money is made - the Philadelphia mint is the largest of the 4 mints in the US! We are keeping busy but we have many more items on our TO DO LIST!


Laura and her boys! said...

I love history. This is such a great chance for you and your kids. I bet they will love history as well!!!