Tuesday, June 17, 2008

APX Alarm - Mikey work update

I just wanted to do a post about Mike's work (the reason for us being out here!) APX alarm is really a cool company! They are always doing insintives to increase sales! The Philly South office just earned a pool party in which they had $1,000 to spend for beating another office in weekly sales! Here's a few photos of them at the pool - there was YUMMY food and games. In one of the games they threw $500 in the pool (dollars - and mostly quarters) and the guys gathered as much as they could! Mike ended up with $28! We go out a lot on the weekend with $MONEY$ from APX dinners - if they beat their sales from the week before by 5 then they earn dinner for them and their spouse at different restaurants Saturday night! Since we have kiddos we ususally miss the dinners, but they still give us the money to go out on our own! They have different competitions where they can earn a wii or cash - always making them reach for higher goals!
As far as sales - we were on a roll for a couple weeks, last week we slowed down a bit! Hoping for LOTS of sales this week - only time will tell! One thing is for sure, Mike is working his tale off - I'd buy ANYTHING if that hunk knocked on my door! It's hot, long days - only drinks come from nice people who offer (and there's quite a few!) Mike never complains! He ROCKS! I'm not going to lie - it's much more intense then we had bargained for! So let us know if you hear of someone in need of an alarm!! HaHa!

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Amberlee said...

Sounds and looks like a busy and fun life. Your kids are so dark, makes me jealous. Right now on me you can't tell where my socks start. Yes I am that white. Pregnancy, yea!
Live it up girl-e

Lacey said...

I bet them searching in the pool for money was pretty fun to watch!!

bartpea said...

Hey, Vanessa it's Bailey, I got your blog address from Michelle Merrill. I was so exited when I found out I could say hi to you guys!! I'm exited for you guys to come home at the end of summer! tell Mike and the kids hi. I hope you are having fun! luv ya all!
Love Bailey

P.S.(I can't believe Bell is ONE already)

Marcae said...

Hey, I love the new look to your blog. Did you ever get the e-mail I sent to you? It looks like you guys are having a ball. What a fun experience.

Jocey said...

Hey Ness, We missed you guys this last weekend! It was nice and low- stress, which was great. By the way, I actually found that I had some pics of you guys already for the slideshow. I even had one of baby Bella. Anyways, we'll show it to you when you get home.
That sounds like such a great company to work for! I love all their fun incentives!
Can't believe Bella is already 1. Where did that year go?
The kids are darling. I'll be glad to see you all when you get home!
Love, Mer

Rachel Doyle said...

Hey - I found your blog on AnnDee's. You guys look great and Phili is sooo much fun. I have several friends living in Phili and have enjoyed going out to visit them. Anyhow - Have fun -- Rachel Cornwell - Doyle


Kelsi said...

Hi Vanessa, I found your blog from April's blog! What a darlilng family! You have such a cute blog! I loved your last post about all the things your baby loves! She is a doll! I have a 1yr old little girl too! So fun! Keep in touch! Tell Mike I said Hi! Take care, Kelsi