Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stone Harbor Beach in Cape May, NJ

How do you not go to the beach several times when you live a couple hours away??!! Check out Bri with her sand crab named "Sally!"
I was dying over these houses - look how their backyard is literally in the ocean! Each home has a ramp down to the water with a boat attached - anyone want to move in with us? This is the town where we go to the beach - I LOVE IT!!
This time the beach was MUCH busier! There were LOADS of people! We DID get in the ocean this time - it was FREEZING!! Bri couldn't get enough of the water - I have the cutest pictures of it! We are having MAJOR internet problems so I'm limited on what I can post! Hopefully we'll be up and running by the first of next week and I'll put some more photos on that I wasn't able to this time! Bo was in the water most of the afternoon too - he would get completely under water! Bella bawled the first few times the waves washed up and the water touched her - by the end of the day she was loved it too!


SteurerStuff said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast. We sure miss you though. I love that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities to go and see so many things while you are away. It is great memories! Talk to you soon. Mary Steurer

Lacey said...

I want to live in one of those homes!! Oh how I miss living only an hour from the beach!!