Monday, July 21, 2008

Amish country - July 17th

While Penny and Gordon were here we HAD to show them some Amish homes! They loved it!! There's no way you couldn't be fascinated with this! This home used to be an Amish home, now they use it for tours! And to teach the "English" about the "Plain people."Twinners - outside the Amish farm!
I couldn't get this to turn the right way - here's an Amish kitchen! Notice the only things on the walls are things they USE! If they don't USE it, then they don't keep it!
This is a REAL horse and buggy - you pass a million of them on the road! This one was tied up by the small lake behind it - not sure where the owner was?!

I wish this was a better picture - they don't like their pictures taken so I had to be sneaky! There is a woman leading the horses and two men loading hay behind (you can only see one). Can you see the woman's hair is covered and the men are both wearing straw hats? They have to keep their heads covered at all times - the women pull their hair back SO tight they have a bald spot in the middle of their upper forehead.
Two of my favorite Amish town names are Intercourse and Paradise. This is what it looks like there - for miles! It is PARADISE! You almost can't believe it! It's the most beautiful sight - so quiet and peaceful! Bri put her napkin on her head the other day and said, "I'm a little Amish girl!" I love how much my kids are learning! While I was snapping all these pictures Bo was dying of embarrassment! The Amish don't like their pictures taken and with a 7 year begging me to stop my pictures don't do the country or the people justice!
Not everyone in these towns are Amish - there are 29,000 in Lancaster County (the same county I work in.) It's a fun game we play, picking out which homes are Amish and which one's are not! It's not like Colorado City where they just stick to themselves - there are two non-Amish homes the then and an Amish one mixed in! You can only tell by no lights on the porch outside and the buggy parked in the driveway! I couldn't do it - but I love learning about it!
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