Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bella at the pool!

At least once a week we go to the pool here in our apartments to have a BBQ! This is our BBQ this week - one of two we had! Usually lots of the wives gather out there - the kids play and the wives visit! The weather is PERFECT at night! I LOVE THIS!!Bella's favorite thing to do at the pool is suck on Bri's noodle - it's covered in teeth marks and bite marks! If we were staying any longer I'd have to invest in another noodle for Bri!

Bell plays in the pool for a few minutes and then inevitably she moves on to the dirt (mulch) every time! This is her handing me some dirt - no thanx Bell!
Bell didn't want Amish corn on the cob or marinated chicken - she wanted BBQ sauce! She ate it by the spoonfuls!
On second thought I think I will take some of that yummy corn that my mom finally figured out how to grill after boiling it all summer! (The corn out here is to die for - there are corn fields everywhere - it's SO fresh!! YUMMY!)
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