Sunday, July 27, 2008

Things I'll miss in PA!

Most of you know we are coming home in about one week! We have tickets (the kids and I) to fly home on August 4th - just in time for school! Mike has to stay here until the end of August - we have high goals and need all the time we can get to reach them!

One of the things I'll miss is seeing my kids joy in the dogs here! Sounds CRAZY I know! This dog is a movie star in our house - she made Bell say her first word! This is RUBY! My kids adore her!
One thing I love out here is the fact that my kids don't have many friends except for family - they have learned to play with each other (or fight with each other whatever the case may be!) This is Bo and Bri putting an air mattress to good use! They use it as a fort and hide behind it - it coverts to a slide and a trampoline! It's their favorite thing to play on when we don't have visitors sleeping on it!
I won't miss my window coverings! Notice the blanket on the wall to the left? The sun comes up here SO early - about 5:30 am! It was waking Bell up at the crack of dawn so we covered her window with the only thing we had.
I'll miss my kids art lessons - this week they painted Chadds Ford - Bo says Bri copies him every week! I think they both do a wonderful job!
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Rachel Doyle said...

Your kids will never forget this experience. When I was six, we moved to Oklahoma for the summer while my dad was in Officer Training School with the military. We lived in a tiny two bedroom apt and my mom took us swimming almost everyday as wells as to strange random places that you can only find in Oklahoma. It's some of my favorite childhood memories.