Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Brad and Genis flew out of the Baltimore Airport - we wanted to see some of Baltimore! We did it via, "Ride the Ducks." Look how neat! It goes all over the city and then down into the harbor - right into the water! Can you believe it? I LOVED it - Bella was getting sick of the bus by the end! She was ready for a nap! These little quackers make the most annoying QUACK noise you've ever heard! There are sing alongs with the quackers - my favorite - the "Chicken Dance!" I kept singing, "Good Morning Baltimore" - I've included it for you viewing enjoyment!! (Your welcome!)
After being in NYC and "Filthy-delphia" for the last 4 days, Baltimore was INCREDIBLE!! SO PRETTY! The harbor was immaculate - potted flowers and great restaurants/shops all along the harbor! AMAZING! Of course my favorite place was the place where I didn't take any pictures, so I'm stealing some from the internet! I thought this would be our only trip to Baltimore, but I want to go back!!
SO sad to have Brad and Genis leave us! We LOVED having them here - we ran a million miles a minute and had a BALL! SO many FUN memories!
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Grandma Julie said...

WOW...it just gets better and better!! I enjoy this so much. The music...your thoughts...the pictures...this wins the Hot Tamale award!!! How blessed I am to have a daughter like you Vanessa. Love, Mom

LACY said...

Seriously, you guys are having WAY too much fun! :)

Lindsay said...

Totally jealous of your NYC experience! What an exciting time for all your kids! It's great that you can all be there together. We missed you at our "Girly Shindig" -- but we'll do it again every year! Seriously, Bri is still as gorgeous as ever -- and with your personality...KHI IS SO GOING TO MARRY HER!

Brownies said...

You guys are all over the place, that is awsome. And to think I spent the 4th in Delta this year with out you guys. WOAH what a blast. HEy my family was to all those sites just last week, crazy, you guys barely missed each other. Keep up the memories