Monday, July 21, 2008

July 18 - The Pentagon

AMAZING LUCK!! We were SO happy to have the rare opportunity of being able to go on a VIP tour of the Pentagon. It was Dixie College's Northeastern reunion this weekend and we were invited to attend - we were actually planning on going to Washington D.C. anyway on Sunday so it worked out GREAT!Very few people are allowed to go into the Pentagon, we were privileged to to have the opportunity!! This is the entire group was the DSC group! Mike's parents extended their stay so they could also attend the reunion! Tam and Jeriah are also graduates - so once again, it was a family event! A good looking bunch don't ya think?

This creeped me out a bit - the were EVERYWHERE throughout the Pentagon! At times there would be four in one area. They told us we were actually safer on the inside then on the outside if there was an attack. I was surprised (I don't know why) at how many military people were inside the Pentagon - our tour guides were in their dress military uniforms.
A picture of the outside of the Pentagon - Tam and I got literally yelled at for taking it! A lady told us we could be arrested for taking it?! NO pictures on the inside except in one designated area! We walked for over a mile inside and saw only hallways - NOT one single office. We did see the 911 memorial inside and what they almost have finished on the outside. There is a nice chapel where they tell us they have LDS services every Thursday.
One thing I didn't know was how MASSIVE the Pentagon is. About 18 miles of hallways - 26,000 people work there (1/4 the size of the population of St. George!) The courtyard in the center was very nice. Bella had a nice nap while we were there and my older kids were on their best behavior; the day was a success!!
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Laura and her boys! said...

You are having such awesome experiences! Keep informing us. I love it!