Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum - July 19

As part of the DSC reunion we were taken on a tour of the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum; sound familiar any DSC graduates? Yes, you are right - one of the buidings at DSC is called the Udvar-Hazy building! Appartently the same man donated 66 million dollars for this space museum just outside of Washington DC - in Virginia! It is a sister to the one right in the heart of DC!This plane was our favorite one! It's the fastest one EVER made - first made in 1964. It was made with a pencil and ruler - no computer. It is a spy plane - because of the high elevation it flies at it's made of Titanium. The driver has to wear a space suit! It has flown from NYC to London in less then 2 hours! It leaks gas when it's grounded because when it's in the air it stretches 4 1/2 inches because of the speed and gas doesn't leak while in flight! Fascinating that we haven't been able to make something so fast it has never been hit by a bullet with all our technology!

Bella died over the tour!!
Bo LOVES the Wright Brothers! This was one of their planes - they actually sold them for $5,000. The WHOLE thing is made of wood! Bo is a history buff - he was smiling ear to ear learning about this! The seats were made of courdaroy to prevent the driver from falling out!
I'm SO ticked I didn't get a picture, but MY favorite part of the museum was seeing Corbin and Megan Cowley!! We have missed them while they have been in Japan. We are very glad they are back!!

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Laura and her boys! said...

The Smithsonian Institute and all it's millions of buildings is awesome. You need about a month to see everything!!!