Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Amish in Intercourse, PA

You would think we would be sick of the Amish by now - I'm fascinated by them! I could go back over and over! SO NEAT!! We usually go to Paradise and Intercourse - how do you not get a picture by a sign that says "Intercourse"?

We stopped to buy some fresh lemonade, root beer, homemade chips, fresh canned pickles and homemade peach pie. The Amish lady said we could take a few pictures in her garden! I felt SO at home - like I could just move right in!! This IS their buggy - can you imagine hitching up the horses to run to the neighbors? (You couldn't call the neighbors because you don't have a phone!)
You can see some of the kids turning to run when I whipped out my camera - I LOVE these kids - they are darling! The were fascinated by our kids - watching everything they did!! The bike/scooter is what they all use - barefoot! You rarely see them in shoes!
This is a sight I'll miss greatly - it's sensational!!
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Grandma Julie said...

Just had to say how loved you ALL are and I could never have known how blessed I would be by having Mike as my son in law. Happy Anniversary...I wish you love, and happiness, and blessings forever. Travel home safely.

steveandsteph said...

I can't believe your time there is almost up. You definitely got your share of sightseeing in! We definitely missed the boat on being able to go out there this year. Looking back on our crazy summer now, I don't know when we would have been able to squeeze it in! Hopefully you guys loved it so much you'll want to go back again. Maybe we'll hop aboard with you! Can't wait to see some pics and souvenirs in the flesh! See you soon:)