Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hershey, PA - July 26

Tam and I and all the kids packed up again and headed to Hershey, PA to meet Jamie Mitchell and her fam!! (If you haven't you need to check her blog - see her link on my friend list)! It was a ball!! Bo said, "Mom THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking us here - I love it!) This is us on our tour - it's like a ride! They have this down to a science!!Bo and Bri eating their HUGE Hershey bars!!
My Bells!
3 darling kids and some YUMMY treats!! You would seriously DIE over these treats!! SO GOOD!! We ate MORE then our fair share!
The YUMMIEST place on earth!

I HAD to include some pictures of the toll booths (in case Mike has withdrawals at home) - they are his favorite thing!!
Here's my $.50 change from my $5 for my toll on the way to Hershey! I'm used to them now - I keep a baggie filled with quarters for the cheaper tolls and cash in wallet at all times (unlike at home!) This toll worker was MUCH more friendly then they usually are - I think he liked posing for me!!

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Jaime said...

I still love the toll guys! That picture cracks me up - Hershey was a blast with you and I'll NEVER ever forget Intercourse. Bryan felt bad I didn't get him that shirt - next time!!

mike and bri smith said...

My boys could not believe the size of the the candy bars. We definitely want to go there. We had so much fun with guys. By the way, still no Smith baby.