Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Niagara Falls - July 14th

Brace yourself - here's a million pictures of Niagara Falls! I left a TON out, but I just couldn't decide which ones to use! SOOOOOOO amazing! I loved it!! Tammy and I started to jump up and down with excitement when we saw HOW beautiful!! It's unbelievable!! TOTALLY worth the 8 hour drive with 5 kids - I would have driven 16!! GORGEOUS!!This is from the Canadian side - you can see the horseshoe shaped fall too!
A lot of wind going on - we thought we might blow away!
Picture ALL of us in a car for 8 hours - look at the view - SO glad we did it!!
We went a boat ride - "Maid of the Mist" - it takes you right up to the falls! You just sit there and enjoy it - it feels like you're in a rain storm - thank goodness for the ponchos - Bell wasn't a fan of the poncho! I'm sick that we didn't get a picture, but we met Ann Dee and Aunt Ruby at Niagara too - they came on the boat ride with us - great to be there with them too!
Look how wet we are!
Penny, Tammy, Bo and I walked right up next to the fall - we asked a guy to take our picture. He flat out told us NO - it was WET!! So, Tam's taking the picture! I could literally ring out my sleeves after this - UNBELIEVABLE!! I LOVED IT!
So, here we are the the most beautiful place I have ever seen - when we got off the boat I told Bri we were done and she says, "FINALLY!" Someday she'll look back in awe of what she has seen in her short little life!

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Brad and Genis Barben said...

How cool. I looks like you guys had a great time. Can you believe all the memories you're making in one summer, priceless! We still miss ya and love ya!

Erin said...

That makes me really want to go to Niagara Falls- but Levi hates car rides, which makes me not like 'em so much myself. Is it 8 hours - 4 each way? Maybe I could make the trek...

Niels and Kayla said...

how fun is that! luckys :)

Brookie said...

Oh!! Niagara Falls is so pretty!! I want to go their sometime! It looks like you guys are all having a blast. We love ya and miss you all!

Britania said...

OMG, It looks like you guys are doing the funnest stuff, I am so jealous, it makes me realize there is so much out there to see. Can't wait for you to get back. Are you still working out there?