Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Penny and Gordon in Philly!

Penny and Gordon (Mike's parents) are here visiting this week! We haven't had the opportunity to go to the Liberty Bell with the guys and we wanted to show Penny and Gordon - so we headed into Philly!!

Another place we HAD to see before we left was Independence Hall! This room is where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were discussed and written!
This room is the EXACT spot where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were signed! The chair you can see behind us is George Washington's chair! What an honor - it makes me want to learn more about history and the amazing men that started this wonderful country! Bo is a little history magnet - he soaks up everything we learn out here! Once we went to a science museum and he said, "Why didn't they have any history? Museum's should always have history!"
Bell is learning how to walk! She's decided she would rather have help walking then crawl! Too cute!! Here's Bell with 2 of her favorite men!
These are a little dark - but the close up of the document is George Washington's personal copy of the Constitution! The other 2 were originals that belonged to people I don't know (isn't that awful)?! The clock tower is where the Liberty Bell originally was hung - the building right underneath is where they signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence! The last one is upstairs in that building looking out the back window!
Really neat - I know I have said it before... I can't believe how much I appreciate our country! I have SO much to learn about the history of it and I really hope to do it!
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