Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Palmyra, NY!!

Here is the WHOLE group in the sacred grove!
All the cousins (Archie, Vincey, Bri and Bo) right as we were going into the sacred grove - isn't it gorgeous?
This the the Palmyra temple - right on the way up the road from the old Smith cabin to the new Smith home. It literally looks over the sacred grove - really beautiful!
Bo and Vince outside the Smith farm house catching butterflies!
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Aleisha said...

How fun. Jason and I are going there in October. I am so excited. Thanks for sharing your great pictures!

Jaime said...

Bry and I have decided to come!!! I know you're probably in Washington DC right now, you busy traveller girl, but I just wanted you to know and I'll be giving you a call soon! :) Oh and your mom posted on my blog and wants prints, I'll just bring the disk with me if that is okay and we can see them together and take orders of whatever you want! Talk to you soon! Jaim