Monday, August 11, 2008

Bo's a second grader!!

I officially have a second grader! My little Bo started second grade today! This is his darling teacher - Mrs. Guy. Every time Bo and Bri talk about her they giggle about her name. Bri says, "She a girl, but her name is Mrs. Guy!!" We have had great luck for teachers every year - the BEST! I think we have scored again!!
The best part of the day so far.... wearing his new "skater shoes." He has been begging for a pair - I don't know if they will be a go for school uniforms but we thought we would try it! He was thrilled to finally have a pair (we're not too into the "skater" attire at our house.)
Last night before bed Bo said, "I have a funny feeling in my stomach about second grade." He wanted a blessing from his dad - just another reason we miss the dad!!
We couldn't be happier to have Josh and Lindsay going to George Washington Academy this year - I think they all look so cute in their uniforms! Bo is LOVING the long shorts we found this year. He needs a 6 for around the waist, but a 7 for length. This year we found 7 slim at the Gap/Old Navy. YAHOO!!
How fitting to have George Washington outside the school and the Battle Hymn of the Republic playing in the background!
We're not able to get too many things that are our own choice - the backpack and lunch box are two of those! It's strange to see Bo move beyond the super hero's, this year he wanted Nike! Even his camo lunch box needed an update! He's just growing up SO much!
I will miss my Bo - I have a hard time when school starts. I can see why people home school! Bo has been SO much help for me this summer - he is such a great little boy. He has the biggest heart - I told his teacher she was lucky to have Bo (I really mean it!)


Lacey said...

LOVED all the pics from the past few posts! It was so fun to see Donny!! What a hottie!! And I can't get over how old Jeff is!! Wow!! He was just a little boy when I saw him last.

Gmail is down right now so I'll send you an invite as soon as it's back up. (your e-mail adderss is in there).....I can't remember what your e-mail address is!!

It was so fun chatting with you yesterday!

Grandma Julie said...

Bo... you are really growing up. Is that you with all those teeth in your big smile?? I wish you every blessing in second grade. You are one special boy... I love the skater shoes...and I will be there soon to see you.

Cassie said...

I was thinking and still am thinking about Homeschooling, seriously. I am sending Brady to kindergarten but it is going to be so hard.
Your kids are really cute.

jeny said...

gotta love the slims :)

Merrill's said...

I love Bo's new skater shoes. What is up with skater shoes? Mason wanted them last year for school too. I am sure Bo will do great in 2nd grade. He is a polite and smart little guy.