Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow!! A crazy day!

9:00 am - Today was "meet the teacher " day for Bri. She is going to kindergarten this year for 1/2 a day and then we plan to repeat kindergarten next year and she'll go a full day at Bo's school. She's excited about school and wants to go, but I don't think she's ready for a full day yet! I hope it's the right decision - with her late birthday, she doesn't even turn 5 until the end of the month!This is her darling teacher - Mrs. Smith. Bri said, "At first I was shy, but now that I got to know Mrs. Smith I'm not shy anymore. " This was the day for the mom to be in the classroom with their child - then tomorrow they go alone. I thought it was a wonderful idea! We went to the bathroom (even practiced washing hands), got a drink , saw the playground, sat at the reading center and looked at the dress up corner. I'm excited for Bri! She was really excited about school when we left!
10:00 am - We then ran from our kindergarten appointment to ballet. We were a bit late - here's some of Bri's friends at ballet (unfortunately in the class after her). Don't they look SO cute?! There's Bri, Mattie, Kara and Camilla. Next year they will be in the same class!
Our third year with Miss Sheila! She's great with these little girls - really instills in them a love for dance. Today they were using the bar, I haven't seen them do that before - it melted me heart!
11:00 - Then we ran to Bo's school because I had lunch duty... 2 hours and 20 minutes of lunch duty. Here's Bell playing peek-a-boo while I warmed a Hot Pocket in the microwave.
Bo and his cute friends - all from our neighborhood! Lindsay, Bo, Logan and Aaron. Good friends are the BEST!!
Bri was ecstatic to be able to eat lunch with Rylee, Brynn and Bailey! I wonder if I did the right thing holding her back - it's hard being a parent. I just want them to be happy more then anything!
This is our buddy, Josh. He was sitting with his friends at lunch when Bri said, "Come on Josh - come sit by me!" So, Josh moved over. I told him he didn't have to - not many 10 year olds that will sit by their 4 year old neighbor at lunch. Josh just said, "It's OK!" What a great kid!
1:20 pm - The minute I finished with lunch duty I found out that Bo was in the office because he wasn't felling well! :( So, by he came home with us. I think his main problem is just getting used to everyday life. We are all adjusting. Usually I don't get too stressed about sick kids but without insurance I STRESS! Bell is badly needing a doctor's appointment - she's been sick since we've been home! It makes me worried sick! They rarely go to the doctor for being sick - any suggestions for no insurance stress?!

Now it's 3 - finally some time to relax and what do I do? Blog of course! :)


april hickman said...

Wait, are you back in St. George? I thought that you moved away for good. I'm glad that you're back!!!
Hope to see you around. Maybe at dance.

Niels and Kayla said...

i must say bri is the cutest dancer! i could see her one day being on that show...so you think you can dance! haha i love that show, she is so darling! i love dance, and i found it such a blessing growing up, it kept me busy, and i made so many friends i hope bri just loves it! :)

Grandma Julie said...

Oh Bri...what a beautiful ballerina Kindergartener!!! I love the outfit. Ness, call me I think you dropped the phone in the bathtub...??? You are doing a great job over there...with out Insurance...try herbs. ;-) Mom

Krista said...

I don't know how you have time to blog so much, but its fun reading about your lives. I didn't have insurance when I came back from New York either (and that's always when you need it), so I went to the free clinic on Riverside Dr. Plan on waiting, but its great when you have no other options. I think my neice goes to the same dance place as Bri.

Aleisha said...

I totally know how you feel about the insurance thing. Oh I hate it. I have gone over to the free clinic before when Jaycee got a urinary infection. The doctors are old and retired but they are way nice. Luckily we are on chip right now. I haven't been able to qualify until this past year. It is such a relief. Who knows how long we'll be able to get that. I know exactly how you feel.

LACY said...

I am so glad that someone else may repeat kindergarten. CJ turned 5 this May and I wanted to hold him back another year. I am with ya, I hope we made the right decision. He needs a push right now but I worry and stress about it.

Schimmy said...

How can you have time to even think straight? You are so busy it is crazy. Hey just a side note, on your blog list my name is spelled Kristal and it is Gage, not Gabe. lov ya!

steveandsteph said...

I'm so glad you guys are back. Life is still pretty cray though huh? I hope it calms down soon for ya. This day looked crazy but fun! I wish there was some way you could borrow our insurance!