Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Mountain House!!

THIS.... is the Mountain House! My great grandpa built it over 50 years ago. He used to tend his cows and sheep - WE have been enjoying it ever since! One of my favorite places to go is our Mountain House! It's up on Cedar Mountain - I don't make it up there as often as I would like to, but this past Sunday IT WAS A MUST! I needed a day of rest and relaxation - a day to just hang with my kids and enjoy them. I had a million things I needed to do, but I put them aside and woke up at 6 am to spend the day!!
Shooting a little skeet (how do you spell that?!) You know I'd be lying if I said I shot my 5 skeet right - nope, not even ONE!!

It's hard to see - but, here's Bo and Bri on the "swing." A rope with a piece of wood at the end for a seat tied to a tall tree - we love it!!
Bri and Helen in the "tree house" - not very fancy... Everything at the Mountain House is simple - that's what makes it SO great!
You know I love my Bells!!
Right off the "main road" is this pipe - we swam here when I was a kid - now my kids swim here! The pipe makes for a great place to JUMP!!
Nobody cuter...
Bri's 4 wheeling buddy is her PAPA!! She likes to go with him - although she tagged along with my and Bo as well! We borrowed Gordon's "wheeler" and put it in the back of the truck - I liked having the weight because I didn't fish tail so bad on the dirt road!!
"Minnie and Vinnie...." This a little headstone of a set of twins who died in 1812 (I think). Our family thinks they were pioneers living up on the mountain. We used to walk up here, now everyone has 4 wheelers - we just drive up!!
This is all that's left of their house (the same pioneer family) we think! Fun to see how small - you can still see the outline of rocks - smaller then our smallest room and it was their WHOLE house!!
The inside of the mountain house - SO many fun memories around this table!!
No one else I'd rather be with - except Mikey of course!! It was strange to be up there without him - 11 years of having him around sure makes me miss him!!
The whole group (except my dad who's taking the picture!) Three of my cousins were there as well - the more the merrier!
More memories - we stop at this pipe every time we go up to fill our water bottles! YUMMY~!
Look how gorgeous - this is the view straight up from the mountain house. Bodie practicing his aim with his BB gun! He loves his gun! By the end of the day he'd shot a gun to death!!
Just what I needed!! :)


Rachel Doyle said...

Ahh I remember the cabin on Cedar Mountain--- My family used to go up there with your uncle Carey and his family when we were little. We used to go catch water snakes and ride horses -- thanks for posting this -- it brought back fun childhood memories for me.

Lacey said...

So many memories!! I LOVED seeing all those photos! We had so much fun up there! And it was so fun seeing pictures of your family. It's unbelievable seeing your sisters and brother so grown up!! So fun!! Loved it!

Laura and her boys! said...

Such a great place! I would love to have a cabin someday. It's so nice to get away with nothing to do but relax.