Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday BODIE! - August 27th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BODIE!! The BEST 8 year old I know!! I can't believe he's eight?! I told him I would fix his favorite dinner - chicken roll ups at your service!!He had his first football practice so we did his party later - not until 8 pm! He said he didn't want a cake, "I'm not really a cake kind of boy... I just want Root Beer floats!" I couldn't bear to not have cake for his eighth birthday - so I made one anyway.
Here's Bo with Rams stuff the Weiland's gave him - Josh told him it was something ugly (he's a Cheif's fan like his dad) to which Bo said, "This isn't ugly, it's AWESOME!!"
EIGHT IS GREAT!! Bo chose to have a family party (and a few CLOSE friends) instead a friend party so he could get a bigger present - he's no dummy!
SOOOO happy to have Grandma Julie who arrived just a couple hours before PARTY TIME!! Bo thought it was very nice of Grandma to drive all the way from Colorado for his party!! Bella is glad too (as you can see!) If you could see me I'm smiling bigger then all of them!!
Thank you JULIE ASHCROFT! Julie is my "cake counselor." She made the cake and cut it out for me so all I had to do was frost it! What would I do without ya Juls?
Bo was coveting Quinn's birthday banner so Grandma Penny was nice enough to make one for BO - you should have seen his face when he came home from school! He was thrilled - the kid is the easiest person in the world to please - he loves everything!! I thought the banner turned out GREAT!! THANK YOU PENNY!
Ooohhh - I love this BOY!! (Right after this he gave me the biggest kiss - right in front of everyone - he's the greatest!!)
Priceless... Bo's face when he opened his present - a Nintendo DS and Guitar Hero! Just what he'd been wanting!! When we went to bed that night he said, "Mom, I'm in heaven!"
Be careful who gets a hold of your camera - no telling what could happen!! :)
Top EIGHT Things I Love About Bo:
1. His sense of right and wrong - he is SUCH a good boy! I never worry about him getting into trouble - I have complete trust in him. When he does make a bad choice he tells us about him - he says it makes him feel better!!
2. I love his smile! I always thought kids his age weren't very cute because of their big teeth - funny how it changes when it's yours!! :) I think he's the most handsome little boy - especially right after a haircut!
3. I love how much he loves his dad! If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll tell you he wants to work at St. George Truss! If you ask him his favorite teams: Rams, Lakers and Dodgers - no question!!
4. I love his competitive spirit. HE WANTS TO WIN! He has a LOVE for sports and he's VERY talented in them!! He thought he would WIN his 5K (adults and all!)
5. He tells me he loves me 20 times a day - no kidding!! :)
6. He's obedient. I rarely have to ask Bo twice - he obeys and does what I ask when I ask. I don't have to yell at Bo - he feels bad just knowing I'm upset at him!
7. He has FAITH!! He's an example to me of "faith of a child." He has a strong testimony already... Reminds me to pray about something I've lost, asks me DEEP questions about the gospel - constantly wanting to learn more about this life AND the life to come!
8. He's not only my first - but my only boy!! He's been WONDERFUL this summer! Really good to go with the flow and do what's best for the family - not just for him! By going back east he missed his championship baseball game, he never complained... He never complained about missing the last 3 weeks of school, or not having a friend over to play for 3 months!! I LOVE YOU MORE THEN YOU'LL EVER KNOW BODIE!! Thanx for being my boy!!


Lewyville said...

I found your blog through Cassie Jenkins. My son Jack is in Bo's class at GWA. The other day when I picked Jack up from school he asked me if I knew who Bo Barben is and I told him I did. Then he said "Bo is soooo smart"!

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Bo & Bri! They are the cutest kids, both in looks & personality!

Those are some great cakes -- you have one talented and awesome mother!!

Laura and her boys! said...

This is my kind of party. Totally boy!

steveandsteph said...

I forgot how close Bo and Bri are. TWO days! I bet you're birthday'd out! HB Bo and Bri!