Friday, August 1, 2008

So proud of Breezy!

I'm SO proud of Bri!! The other day at the pool Bri said, "How come Vincy is such a a good swimmer and he's only 3? How come he can dive down and touch the bottom of the pool?" So we started practicing... and she learned how to dive down to the bottom of the pool and get her "stick." Tam and I were hollering and yelling with delight the first few times she did it!! SO EXCITING to see her learn something new!! Good job sweetheart!


Marie said...


This is Marie (Hansen) from Dixie High class of 1996. I'm sure that you remember me as I remember you well. Anyway, I have been secretly been watching your blog all summer and have loved seeing and reading about all the fun things and adventures you and your kids are having. I thought that it was about time that I stopped lurking and said hello.
Feel free to check out and/or link to my blog.

Have fun and a safe trip home.


Jocey said...

Hey Ness!
I'm going to miss your posts from back east. It has made me feel like I actually got away this summer! Aren't those proud mom moments the best!?! Lys just learned to ride her bike and it reminded me how much I love watching them learn new things! Makes me feel like I'm doing something right.
Can't wait to see you guys!
Love ya, Mer