Sunday, August 3, 2008

Valley Forge, PA

Today Tam and I went to Valley Forge, PA - a short 30 minute drive from our apartment! We almost missed it - thank you Courtney for telling us to go there! It was beautiful!!
We had a GREAT idea to rent bikes and bike trailers and see the area!
The trail was a 5 1/2 mile paved bike/walk path all around Valley Forge. Tam said this was like Niagara Falls for her - she was in heaven... I enjoyed about the first 5 minutes on the bike, then I wondered, "What was I thinking?"

We saw a ton of cabins where George Washington and his troops were stationed during the Revolutionary War.

The ride was MUCH better for me once Bella fell asleep. Our kids enjoyed seeing the cannons - my kids kept saying take a picture of me over here.. Look at this hill Bo and I are riding up! You remember I don't work out - remember I'm not the least bit in shape?!
This is what a person who has NO business being on bike for 2 hours in the heat (pulling a bike trailer) looks like! :)

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jeny said...

I guys are going to be so bored when you get home.

You have seriously done so many awesome things while you've been away. Things some of us will never get to experience.

how fun!!

Schimmy said...

You guys have done so much this summer it is amazing. I can't wait for Bri to come back to class, we miss her!

Jaime said...

Oh that is too funny, but as always what troops and super adventurers you guys are! Hope your flight home goes smoothly today. Talk to you soon!

Lacey said...

Jeny is right, you will be bored....but you will probably be so grateful to be home as well. Well, minus Mike being with you! There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Niels and Kayla said...

haha oh man that picture of you is awesome!