Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barben kids~

Note to self - "Don't leave chapstick laying around..." Bella LOVES everything her big sister loves: finger nail polish, candy, chap stick... She has dug her finger (and had a bit of) every tube I own!!
Bri was practicing, "I am a Child of God" on the fireplace for church next Sunday - Bella had to be right up there with her!! I thought they looked so cute - Bri LOVED her hair this day! Her aunt Genis did it - too bad her mom's a dud in the hair area!!
The other day Bri informed me that she wanted to marry Stockton Ashcroft because he's "SO cute." That night while coloring with Bo, Bri colored this picture - of her and Stockton holding hands?! WHAT!? Are you kidding me? She's only FIVE!! Notice the blond hair on them both? And the bow in Bri's hair? Too cute!!

On the same night THIS is what Bo colored... A picture of "Old Ironsides!" The oldest war ship in the world - from the war of 1812! He's been studying it in school - the kid is a history buff! He can't get enough - to the right of this (not in the picture) was a picture of the British ships (fighting the Americans)!

Posted by PicasaIt's funny to me how different two kids can be when they are raised in the same home! I just them both to always stay innocent! I've been SO worried about child predators and such - did anyone see the Oprah the other day about child pornography?! Only 5 minutes and I couldn't take anymore... I still get emotional when I think about it! I just love all my kids to death and with all of my heart want them be healthy, happy and always feel loved and protected!


Vicki said...

Didn't see the show, but heard about it. I know what you mean, you always want your kids to be safe.

Brittany Noelle Scott said...

Aww, it is good to see they are still doing art even without lessons! :) I just saw your comment on our blog from way back when and wanted to answer your question...we left early because there was no way david was going to hit 50 and so it didn't matter if we stayed. He was so miserable and was only there selling so i could do my internship, so once it was over I didn't really have a reason to make him stay. Besides that, we couldn't afford to stay with paying rent at both places. Hope you are doing well!