Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grandma Julie and the H2O park!

What do you do when your life is a mess and you're drowning? CALL YOUR MOM!! Grandma Julie came to save the day while Mike was gone to PA. It was GREAT to have her here for my kids birthdays - we haven't ever been able to do that before! Since we've been gone all summer we were missing the water park and thought we would go - I thought my mom would get a kick out of it too!
Bella LOVED her Grandma Julie! Look how smiley!! :) My mom wouldn't let her cry for a minute, AND she taught her to feed herself. Bella had NEVER fed herself until my mom came! It's nice to have her eat while we all eat too! Thanx Mom!

You don't know how LUCKY I am to have this picture. Grandma Julie HATES to have her picture taken! My kids LOVED having Grandma here for almost a week! The day she left to go home when Bri got home from kindergarten the first thing she said when she got home was, "I miss Grandma Julie." (Just for the record - I DO TOO!) Thank you for coming Mom - I needed you! LOVE YOU!!
HAD to include this one of my Bells!! When are her teeth going to come in?!
Look how cool! The water park ROCKS!!
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Lacey said...

I got tears in my eyes seeing these cute pics of your mom. She looks fabulous!! I'm glad she was able to come stay.

Grandma Julie said...

I am so happy to see the water pictures. That was a blast!! Lacey what a sweet comment... I miss you too. I love you all and it was my blessing to come and help out.