Thursday, September 11, 2008


Saturday was a BUSY day at the Barben's - Bo's FIRST game!! GO SHARKS!! This is Bo with his life long friend, Paige. I told them to put their arms around each other - but, they wouldn't!
He was giddy to play - seriously couldn't wait!!

We were missing a few - aren't they the cutest?
I was feeling bad for the other team - they didn't score a single goal! Bo ended up with three (which he was STOKED about!) I was SO proud of Bo... During the game Bo almost made a goal - the ball barely missed it. A little boy on the other team said, "Ha ha - you missed!" This of course ticked Bo off. After the game Bo noticed that same little boy was crying. Bo made a point to go over the little boy shake his hand and tell him "Good game!"
Two hotties - GREAT to have the dad back at home!
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Laura and her boys! said...

You gotta love Saturdays!!! Not! I feel like it just running around now, but I do love watching the boys play.Good Luck this season!