Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hide and Seek~

I don't use much make-up; my idea of "cover-up" is in container like lip-stick that is a "stick" to dab on "blemishes." Needless to say, Bella LOVES my cover-up! Look at her eye - this is what she does while I do my hair!!
Bo took this darling picture of Bri while they were playing hide-and-go seek! She's in Bell's closet - my closets could use some serious organization!! When will I have time to do that? This tub is in Bell's closet with all her clothes that are too small!
Bri hiding under the crib - Bella joined in this fun too! Mike and I just enjoyed the night - laying on the floor in Bell's room!
Mike can take them both on!! Nothing I love MORE then a night at home! I appreciate every minute I get to spend with my family - THESE are the moments that mean the world to me! What would I ever do without my family?
Peek-a-boo!! (This, by the way, is Bella's favorite blanket - from her Aunt Tam!) Oooohhh she's darling! Am I bias or what?


Aleisha said...

You are right, they are all darling.