Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Reunion

Last week we had a "Smith" family reunion in Paragonah, UT. If Mike and I look a little tired in this picture, it's because we WERE!! Bella was up EVERY hour the night before (at the reunion) - other then that the reunion was a SUCCESS!
Thank goodness our family has FUN toys - we enjoyed getting away and going on "family 4-wheeling" rides! Even Bella! Bri likes to go with her Papa and Bo likes to drive! We are hoping that a 4-wheeler will be our next purchase?!

This is the FUN cabin we stayed at - it sleeps about 70 people. It was a PERFECT place for a reunion - horses, trails, dutch ovens...
Look at this view - it was refreshing! Great weather - just a little chilly at night (sweat shirt weather)!!

The bubble maker was the highlight for Bells!!
Bri also got in the bubble fun!! I couldn't get a picture, but this wand made HUGE bubbles! (Notice Bri is wearing a white skirt - this is her idea of "camping attire" - she never even wore her reunion shirt.) I love this girl!!
Mike and I were in charge of the games - this is a $money$ find! LOTS of change in saw dust - a kids HEAVEN!
Karaoke was a BIG hit - this is my dad and his two cousins - Mitch and Vance. They were singing "Elvira." Karaoke is something that literally scares the life out of me - I LOVE to dance, play games - whatever - but sing by myself into a microphone - NO THANKS!!
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Braydon Nielsen said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome family reunion. your fam is adorable. I sent a email off to mike. Good luck!!!

JELISA said...

NESS! Ok, so this is officially the FIRST comment I've ever left on blogspot! You should definitely feel lucky! Haha, just kiddin! Thank you for always commenting on my blog posts! I love it! I actually took that picture of you guys on the wheeler! Great photographer! Thank you for your recent comment! It made me get teary eyed! I'm very glad you're my sister as well! You've always been a great example to follow! I can't wait til the rest of us get married and have kids...then we'll maybe be even closer?! Love you so much!

Grandma Julie said...

I would love to see more of the Smith pictures...they have aged!!!! ha ha like I haven't. Gram must have been smiling down on everyone having such a great time.