Thursday, October 16, 2008

Having Daddy at home ROCKS!!

Tonight Bo won his game against the Eagles 20:18! Bo threw for 2 different one point conversion passes - BOTH CAUGHT!!! He also ran and scored a touchdown! SO GREAT!! Look how cute these boyz are!! They have to wear mouthpieces now - which just makes them look SO tough! From left to right: Jonas, Kade, Aaron, Bo, Logan Cal., Logan Cly., Kayden, Bryce and Dylan!! SO much funner when you win - I won't lie! We tell our kids "winning isn't everything - but it sure is FUN!!"
Here's a reason it's great to have a dad at home in day instead of a mom... When I woke up this morning (actually at noon) this is what I found! Bella and Mike asleep under the "tent" Mike made for the kids to play in! I don't know how Mike got Bell to sleep under there - he said he just asked her if she wanted to go "Night-Night" and she nodded "Yes!"
Another view of the "tent!" Notice the ropes holding it up on the ceiling fan?! (The ropes are Bo's "cowboy" rope!)
One more shot!! Don't you love that?! What mom would do this?
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Aleisha said...

What a good Daddy. About the camera.... My Mom let me borrow hers but it is a little big so I really might take you up on that offer. My number is 229-2757. Call me and I can come and get it. We leave Monday morning at 3am. I am so excited.

Cassie said...

That is so fun. Corey seems to always out do me on doing fun things with the kids. I am sure you are just as fun as Mike. What a fun Dad.
You'll be glad you took that picture! Very cute.