Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bike riding lesson!

Today Shauna and I had this GREAT idea - "Let's take off the girls training wheels and teach them to ride their bikes without training wheels!!" So, Genis helped Ry - Shauna helped Kara and I helped Bri (she was worried that Mike would go too fast!) We hoped that peer pressure would help them learn how...
Bri did very good for her first time! I'm a mean mom and I told her she couldn't quit until she could do it on her own - without me holding on to her! She needs a couple more lessons - but she did GREAT!! YEAH for Bri!!
This is why we live in St. George.... POPSICLES IN OCTOBER!! Nothing better!! :) I had worked up a sweat after our bike lesson - I enjoyed my popsicle, enjoyed just sitting enjoying the beautiful weather and enjoyed having GREAT company!!
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Just a little shot of the action!!


Erin said...

Hey, that's great! She's just barely 5, so that's pretty young, too!

PS - I never answered you asked what I thought the economy would do to sales. I have no idea. I'm a little worried - okay, I'm REALLY worried about the economy. Fortunately, I have read that usually security is a recession-proof occupation (when economy goes down, crime goes up). But I don't know about home alarm systems in specific. That's so great you have such a useful job that you will always be able to find work if you need it.

Lacey said...

Yea for Bri! It's so great having them off training wheels. Ryan absolutely LOVES riding her bike now.

Merrill's said...

Good job Bri - keep up the great work. What an awesome way to learn how to ride a bike. The girls will remember it forever!!

Jocey said...

Way to go Breezy! That is one of the proudest 'mom moments' I have, when my kids learn to ride a bike. How fun!
Love, Mer

april hickman said...

Your little girl is a knock out!!!
I feel really, really, bad for you guys when she turns 16. Good luck.
Beautiful, just beautiful.