Monday, November 24, 2008

Like mother, like daughter...

Look at this little girl... nothing gets past her! She watches EVERYTHING I do - she sits up on the counter and takes it all in! She always tries to get my makeup - this day she succeeded! Check out the eye liner to her cheek!!?
It's hard to get mad when she SO dang CUTE!! She is completely adored around here - and completely SPOILED! She is SUCH a pleasure to have in our home - we all just DIE over her! I often think, "What would we have done without her?!" She brings such a sweet spirit to our home - I'm SO glad I'm her mom!
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Laura and her boys! said...

My boys have all done the same thing! Isn't it funny what they pick up. I hope that they pick up more good than bad from me, but who knows? :)

Grandma Julie said...

I just love the little pig tails I can remeber when I first put in yours too!!! I had to hair spray them to get them to stay in... hey see if Lacy got my email... I love you and I am checking daily to see the RAMS photos. Take good care of you and get some rest... mom