Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Break

Mike and I have decided that we don't let our kids have sleepovers except with cousins occasionally... Because of this it is EXCITING when it happens! Here's Bri with her cousins watching, "Annie" and doing Barbie fashion plates! It was GREAT to have Wendy down for a couple days and be able to see her cute kids!

I also included a picture of Bell opening one of her presents 2 days after Christmas! It was fun to wait because she finally got the hang of it and opened the presents herself! AND - more Bella messes - she gets out all the plates in the pantry and gets out food to eat while she sits in the mess she just made!
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Reese Gang said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys don't do sleepovers. Cory & I had already decided a couple years ago that we weren't going to do friend sleepovers. Our first battle came up last night with Jackson. One of his friends is having a B-Day sleepover. Any suggestions?