Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 08

This year our Christmas Eve started out at the annual Christmas Eve program in Santa Clara with the Barben's! Mike grew up being in it and it's something our kids really look forward to now! They each learn a song and perform it! This year Bo was a "marshmallow" and sang, "Marshmallow World." He had a pillow wrapped around his stomach and in the end they threw real marshmallows into the audience! CUTE!

Bri and Ry did a dance and sang "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." I couldn't video it at the time, but I did video it later - I'll attach the clip! They were DARLING! At the end of the program Santa comes and each child gets a present - Bri and Ry got the same toy which was EXCITING - they were thrilled to get a Barbie head that they can style the hair. Bell didn't put her cell phone down ONCE and Bo LOVED his magnet set (he's been wanting some magnets ever since they studied them in school!) Notice the pictures - Bell wasn't a fan of Santa!
After the program we went to the Barben's for a yummy potluck! Mike dressed up like Santa! Uncle Ryan wasn't a good boy, but he got a candy cane anyway! It's always GREAT to have another year to enjoy Grandma Hafen - we're SO lucky she is still able to come! Our kiddos open their presents from Gordon and Penny - new Christmas pajamas! Here's my kids with their cousins in matching 'jamas!
Notice our clock?! YES - our kids woke up at 5:30 this year! It was a first for us - we usually set our alarm and wake them up to see what Santa brought! The highlight was football cards for Bo and Bri loved her Barbie fashion plates! Bell - opened the majority of her presents several days later... The BIGGY this year was a surprise 4-wheeler for our family! BO WAS THRILLED!!
After we opened our own presents we went to my families house and exchanged gifts then we left to go back the to the Barben's for breakfast! It was such a great year - my kids were SO thankful for everything and just thrilled for every gift they got!
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