Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The Rams stadium was beautiful!! The BEST part was that it's in a dome so we didn't have to brave the cold day with three little kids! THANK HEAVENS!! It really was awesome to be there in person - even a non-sports fan like me completely enjoyed the experience!

You can't believe how hard it was to find Rams apparel for my kids! We just thought that everyone in Missouri is as BIG of Rams fans as Mike?! It was worth the search - don't they look darling?!
This is outside the stadium - after our GREAT day! We were all on top of the world! It was FREEZING but we were SO happy we didn't even notice (until the wind picked up of course!)
It was fun to be in a city where there's Rams stuff around! At our house Bo's entire room is decorated Rams - but to see the street lights decorated and such was a BLAST!!

THANK YOU PENNY!! Thank you for a WONDERFUL vacation! You made Mike and Bo's dream come true! It was SO fun to be with you! We enjoyed every minute! Bri said, "Grandma's don't get mad, they just say 'Uh-Oh'!" Grandma's are the BEST! Espacially ours!! :)
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Jocey said...

You guys have had some great adventures! That is so cool that you got the special treatment at the RAMS game!
Hope to see you guys soon!
Love, Mer