Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After the Ram's game we went to find Bo a souvenir! He wanted a Rams football... Good thing it took us FOREVER because when we finished the Ram's players were walking out! Bo got 13 autographs and pictures with the people he watches play every Sunday! I was FREAKING out! I was surprised Mike was so cool and calm - but elated inside of course! It made me a HUGE fan - to see these men take the time to make my little boy's day! They were just gracious and kind! THANK YOU SO MUCH RAMS PLAYERS!!
Aaaaahhhhh!! (Notice Mike's jersey - HOLT!!)
TORY HOLT!! Mike has been a fan FOREVER and here he is with his arm around my Bo!! Check out his finger (on Bo's shoulder) - he was SO chill, just laughing with us and joking about his crooked finger! :) At the end of the game Bo said, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!"
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Laura and her boys! said...

This is totally cool! If I hang around at the end of a Jazz game, do you think I could get Kyle Korver to ask me out? LOL