Thursday, December 4, 2008

Terre Haute, Indiana

Tam and Jeriah moved in Terre Haute, Indiana after our AWESOME summer to attend school - Jeriah is getting his Master's degree there! It was GREAT to be reunited! I have missed them SO much (and so have Mike and my kids!) I'm SO proud of Jeriah - how hard he works and school and yet still manages to keep Tam home with their boys! He never complains - he actually seems to be LOVING life! As for Tam - I LOVE YA GIRL!! She could be complaining and miserable - moving away from all her friends and family, yet she continues to be positive and upbeat! She's a great mom - she was an awesome host as well! She planned our trip and made sure we had a ball!! I MISS YOU TAM - COME HOME SOON!! :)

When we were leaving - we were in the airport and Bri needed one last goodbye from Vince! We sprinted out to catch them just in time! Bri and Vince threw their arms around eachother and Vince said, "I'll miss you SO much Bri!!" I just started to bawl! They are like brother and sister after our summer together!!
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Laura and her boys! said...

My boys love their cousins too. It's so fun to see them get together and go wild and crazy!