Saturday, March 14, 2009

Miss American Starlet Pageant

Last Saturday Bri was able to participate in the Miss American Starlet Pageant! She has been wanting to be in a pageant since she was three! She did a couple a few years ago and has been begging us to do more!
I saw this one advertised in the newspaper and two days before the BIG event we signed up! Of course I'm bias, but she seriously was INCREDIBLE!
My friend Kristi did her hair - Bri LOVED it! I wish I could do hair! One of the BEST parts of the pageant was the FLOWERS!! In hind site - we should have just bought the flowers at Costco and a tiara at Claire's!!
What made the pagaent SO great was doing it with Callie Horne! Callie and Bri had a BALL getting ready together!

Here's Bri being crowned "Miss Personality!" Grandma Penny said that's the best award you can get in a pagaent because that means everyone wants to be your friend! Bri was very proud when she got her tiara!
When Bri walked down the aisle she did her "turns" SO CUTE!! She looked over her shoulder at the judges as she turned - SHE WAS DARLING!! As she approached the judges there were two stairs - she accidentally stumbled a little... She jumped right up and quickly replied "YES!!" when the judges asked if she was OK!!
Callie won for their age group, she deserved to win - she was adorable!! Bri cried after the results were announced - she wanted a "sash and a BIG crown." After about 2 minutes she was her cute self again - sharing 1/2 of her roses with Callie!!
I'm SO proud of Bri and how hard she tried! I don't really think she'll do another pageant - it broke my heart to see her cry! She feels good about the results now - I hope she always knows how great she did! I got teared up excitement to see her on stage! Bri - you are an angel - thank you for the joy you bring to our home!! I'm glad everyday that I have the opportunity to be your mom! YOU truly are a princess!!
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LACY said...

She looks gorgeous! How fun for her.

Erin said...

How cute she is. And how mature to be happy for her friend.

Laura and her boys! said...

She looks absolutely beautiful! Peyton gets the same way when he looses, and he cheers up as quickly too! I'm glad she had this experience. And Best Personality is a great second prize!!!

Aleisha said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is so cute! I have been so bad about checking people's blog lately!! I am so glad you posted pics of your little princess. I did pageants when I was young and always got the "talent" winner. I was always so disappointed but I knew I did my best. I am glad she got best personality!! That is an awesome award.