Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby chicks!! Sooooo cute!

Well, my in-laws are always full of GREAT ideas! The newest one?! Let's get 14 baby chicks - build a coop for them to live in - raise them - have all the families help to take care of them and eat their eggs!
All the grand kids are THRILLED! They each choose one of their own! Here's Bri and Linds with their chicks sporting a necklace (the bracelet Penny bought them in Greece!)

Bo said he wanted to choose the smallest chick because HE (Bo) is small! It broke my heart to hear him say that - Mike was always small (until his mission) - we were praying that Bo would get his height EARLY!! :(
My kids wanted to bring their chicks for show-and-tell; here's Bri showing off hers to the class! She was so careful - walked around to each desk so the kids could pet them - after school she invited over all her friends! Surprisingly the chick survived a day at the Barben's - still alive as a matter of fact!
Bo was much TOUGHER about his chicks - it was Mrs. Guy who gushed over them!
Bri asked me to take this picture... I LOVE that girl!
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Laura and her boys! said...

The Chicks are super cute! My boys would love this idea, but I'm not having a chicken coop in my backyard even if it is big enough!!!