Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bo's First Pinewood Derby

Check out this amazing pine wood derby car - what else would it be?! RAMS of course! Mike and my dad helped Bo cut it, but Bo sanded and painted all by himself! He worked and worked on it! He and Mike stewed about what the best place for weights would be - they decided the TOP!
Whatever Bo did - it was RIGHT! He WON! Here he is with the other two boys! He was thrilled because now he goes to "nationals" - no one tell him it's really regional's!
During the race Bri was SO fun to watch - literally waving her hands in the air cheering her brother on! Her and Ry were ecstatic watching him win race after race! I was overcome with my little Bo - throughout the race Bo wasn't talking about his wins - he was worried about his little friend who wasn't winning... He said, "Mom, he hasn't won a single race and he was crying while we were eating cake!"
Couldn't be complete with a pic of our cute Joshy! These two are too much sometimes! :)
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L and T said...

Congrats Bo!

Laura and her boys! said...

So did Bo make the car or Mike? LOL