Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brad and Gen's kids!!

I couldn't complete my blog duty without posting a few pics of spring break! This year it was Brad and Genis's turn to go with Penny to Europe! We watched their kids for 7 of the days they were gone! Bri and Ry were SOOOO cute! No issues - just giggled and LOVED every minute of the SEVEN sleepovers! This was Sunday before church - they had just eaten "Lick-a-sticks" hence the BLUE teeth!!

Here's the whole group before church - don't worry Bella and Jaysa stayed home for a nap!
Cute little Steely - this is what happens when you play baseball with the BIG BOYS! I thought he looked SO tough with his fat lip!
All the girls in the tub! Bella and Jaysa were both upset because they wanted me to hold them! I got used to holding one in each arm - don't want to show favoritism!! I think they both felt a little insecure!
WELCOME HOME DAD AND MOM! Here's the kids making a HUGE sign to welcome Brad and Gen home - they LOVED coloring it! Even Jaysa had fun coloring it! Overall I was surprised how well I adapted to having SIX kids under 8! Not too bad!
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Courtney said...

You adapted so well because your have such a positive happy attitude! your amazing. and i have to say my pb and jam story doesn't even come close to your "poo" day out in philly!