Monday, April 27, 2009


I told you it was coming - HERE IT IS! NATIONALS (AKA - regionals)! Regionals finally came - after MUCH anticipation!
How rude is this... I was being SUCH a brat about going! It was cold and I just didn't feel like it! Mike said, "Hon, he's the BEST kid, he doesn't ask for anything - if he wants to go to regionals just let him!" Needless to say - he was right! Bo took first place in his first heat (I think that's what you call it) and second place in the next heat but he still didn't place overall!

I think he thought he would win but it was off your overall time! He was .34? and some cars were .32 - he's already concocting a new design for next year! HE LOVED THE DERBY! It was fun to see him - he LOVED going and I'm SO glad we did it! Proud of you Bodie!

Bo and Bell have the CUTEST relationship! The other day they were out back jumping on the tramp - unaware that Mike and I were watching them! Bella just kept hugging Bo and laying her head on him - he would kiss her and then they would jump and laugh - it just made me bawl! I was SO proud and overjoyed to see the LOVE they have for each other! NO better sight in the world then to see my kids loving one another! I'm especially proud of Bo - my tough athlete Bo who talks baby talk and LOVES to be with his little sister!
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Laura and her boys! said...

Way to go BO!!!

Grandma Julie said...

Bo I just love ya so much. You are the best big brother that I have ever seen. HUGS>