Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Breezy!

Mike was in charge of the kids last week at Bo's baseball practice... Long story short he lost Bri and her friend - when he found Bell (Bri was supposed to be watching her) she was in tears and saying, "No, no, no!" Mike saw someone in the ward who told him that Bri and her friend had to go poop! He looked for about 20-25 minutes - all around the feilds, drove home and back to the fields - got our good friend, Zac, to help look. Drove back to the ball feilds - split up from Zac and looked some more. He was getting more and more paniced - Zac found the girls! They were in a "secret spot" going poop because the bathrooms were locked (which explains why Mike couldn't find them)! Mike was relieved and mad all at the same time. He got mad and Bri; he told her he was upset that she didn't watch Bella better! When they got home Bri colored Mike a picture because she thought it would "soften his heart!" It sure softened mine!

The other day I walked into my room and THIS is what I found - my darling Bri had made me this note - what a FUN surprise! She is the most thoughtful little thing!
Mike, Bo and I were telling Bri that she would make a great tennis player - I would REALLY like her to play some sort of a sport since I'm sport challenged! She replyed, "OH, I have the perfect skirt for that!" (Always about the fashion!)

I went on Bri's feild trip with her to a little farm - they had a couple horses and some chickens! It was nice to spend some time with Bri as we spend most of our time at Bo's school! She was SO proud to have me there - wanted to walk by me and hold my hand! Bri wasn't the least bit afraid - she wanted to pet the horse - she got as close as she could! Bella loved it to until the walk back to school - when she flipped!
The other day Bri was looking at Mike's cold sore in his lip that had got quite large. She thought a minute and then said, "I hope I don't worry so I don't get one of those things on my lips!"
Bri's first grade class! SO cute!

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Laura and her boys! said...

I love notes from my kids too! Maybe I ought to let Peyton read this blog to give him ideas for when he gets into trouble! :)