Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thanx for coming Grandma Julie!!

The weekend before Easter Grandma Julie came! HOORAY! It was SO nice to have our Grandma come - WE HAVE MISSED HER!! :) Bella was instantly warmed up to her - for several days after my mom left Bell would walk around the house yelling, "Grandma, Grandma!"
This picture was my FAV!! Bo and Bri's favorite part about a Grandma Julie visit.... sleepovers EVERY night! My mom is such a good sport about letting them sleep with her - usually Bri in the bed and Bo on the floor - not a treat for my mom!!
I had LOTS of activities planned - Grandma had planned time at home... Quality time! It was really nice and relaxing - we did blogging/Facebook lessons, coupon lessons and cooked YUMMY food! We rented videos and watched conference! Grandma went on her first Barben 4 wheeler ride and played "moon sand" with Bri! She laughed her head off at my NUT CASE - Bella and her new LOVE .... ELMO!

I LOVE YOU to bits, Mom! It has been WAY too long since our last visit! THANX for coming - come again SOON! You are such a treat to have - thanx for the freezer help! 3 minutes after Grandma left Bo said, "Grandma has only been gone for a couple minutes and I miss her already!" He also said, "Oh no - here comes the crying part!" We cry everytime! My mom is such a support and backs me on all my decision - LOVE YOU MOM!! :)
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Lacey said...

Such fun pictures to look at!! I just love and miss your mom so much!

BTW, Rob got an amazing offer! Of course, he'll be taking it. Now it's more long hours and lots of travel...I hope we know what we're getting ourselves into! But we're excited about it.

Miss you Ness, please lets do plan a time for you and the kids to come stay this Summer...especially now that Rob will be gone a lot!

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

Moms/grandmas are the greatest! It's hard for me to leave my mom in the summer, we have so much fun together.

Braydon Nielsen said...

WHat a fantastic time it looks u guys had with grandma julie... You guys rock.. love the pics

Aleisha said...

Mom's are the best! I love the pictures!

Grandma Julie said...

Who is that old lady in these pictures??? She cut her hair off after this trip. Grandmas need short hair....hopefully she joins WW soon so we know who she is...;-) hugs and so much love to all of you. Grandma...