Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Morning!!

A little Easter catch up... This year the Easter Bunny wised up a bit and brought some gifts that we NEEDED instead of a bunch of things we don't! All the kids got new swim gear, cover ups, flip-flops and beach towels! They each got one LUXURY item (no - this isn't Survivor!) Bri got a Barbie movie she has been wanting - she was THRILLED to see the Easter Bunny snagged the last swim suit in her size - the one she had liked at Target (cute and modest..)!
All that Bo wants is football cards, football cards, football cards... He and his little friends spend hours organizing and trading them - so that's what he got! Along with his other Easter goodies! Also, the Easter Bunny did MUCH better at just bringing candy the kids like - GUM, Hershey chocolate and Reese's!
Bell got a couple Elmo books - she's an ELMO NUT! She was a good sport as she had to be woke up to come see her Easter surprises and join the Easter egg hunt!
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