Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 19 - Dinner at Dr. Prince's house

6 Dixie State College alumni!Look at this amazing house with roof tiles and bricks imported from a villa in Italy - it's the home of a DSC graduate!! Dr. Prince and his wife had the DSC reunion dinner at thier home in Maryland! It was gorgeous! Fun to see how we'll be living in a couple years!

Part of the SUPER six together again!! Corbin and Megan Cowley are just returned from Japan - back to their home in Virginia. Mike and Bree Smith are living in Washington DC while they train to move to China for 3 years in April.
Not a lot of things bring me more joy then seeing Mike with his buddies. They giggle like little 5 year old girls - tell them same stories they have been telling for years and genuinely LOVE eachother. SO much FUN! Dinner was yummy, but it was special because they were there!! WE LOVED SEEING YOU ALL!!
Everyone singing the DCS school song - we have always loved DSC! Being out here just rekindled our school spirit!
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Jaime said...

Such cute pics Vaness! I'm just doing my homework on your blog here, gotta get a plan going! We're so excited...we'll have to pack in as much as we can! I feel like we're coming to learn from the experts over here, you guys are pros at this!

steveandsteph said...

We are SUPREMELY jealous that we were not there for that super six reunion! Will all six of them EVER live in the same proximity ever again?