Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Washington DC - July 20

On Sunday we ventured into DC for the day - LOTS to see!! Once we found parking we decided we needed to decide what we wanted to see because it WAS HOT!! Bo wanted to see the Declaration of Independence - here we are waiting in the hour line at the National Archives Building.No flashes allowed - a little dark... We have learned SO much about the Declaration and the Constitution this summer and we FINALLY WERE ABLE TO SEE THEM!! Bo was thrilled! There were also other important documents - The Bill of Rights, Magna Carta...
We all wanted to go to the Lincoln Memorial - this is it behind us! 13 columns on each side for 13 colonies. We also saw where Pres. Lincoln was shot - and where he died across from Ford's Theater. A guy outside the memorial asked me to be in a You Tube video pro Obama - politely I declined!
This is literally across from the Lincoln Memorial - the Washington Monument; representing George Washington. It's supposed to look like a number one!
Bodie and capital building. This, of course, is where the Senate and House of Representatives meet.

I can't believe how much we have all seen and learned in just a few months! We went on a double decker bus tour in order to see as much of the city is a short amount of time - it was HOT!! The hottest day we have had all summer! We saw amazing sites, but at 3:30 we headed home. We were all sweating - the day was a success even though it ended quicker then I had expected!
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BJ and Amber said...

Hi guys! Hey, when are you coming home? will you be here for school? Brynn wants to know if Bri will be here on Aug. 9 for her b-day party! I seriously can't believe all the stuff you guys have been able to see this summer...lucky

BJ and Amber said...

email me please Vanes!

Niels and Kayla said...

ok i must say i cant keep up with you! your posts are so awesome, i love them, when you travel you travel, that is so neat. I wish i had the motivation to get out and see everything, but maybe when i have kids it will be a jump start for me. :) Darling pictures, and that is really cool about the dixie state college thing, go rebels!!!

Lacey said...

Fun!! Fun!!

Jaime said...

So cute, Vaness! Everyone doesn't look that hot or else you all hide it really well. Such a cute fam you guys have! Only 38 hours until our big chocolatey adventure! Can't wait!!!

Jason and Lauren said...

I am so jealous of all your adventures this fun! Your kids are so dang CUTE!!!!!Yes, you gave me her number, but I am kind of playing the waiting game until my husband finds a job....he has applied for some jobs in Salt Lake along with we will see what happens in the next few months. Thanks for your help!:)

Erin said...

Yes, I did see the most recent of your blog, but I don't see where the pictures of your kids that lady took are.

Grandma Julie said...

I am so happy that you were able to see Washington DC. I have always wanted my children to see the city I fell in love with in 1975. I am so thankful that you love our country and that my grandchildren have seen with their own eyes the documents that make us strong as a nation. I love and miss you ALL...

Louise and Travis said...

I miss you.
Thank you for seding me a letter.
I'm excited for you to come back.
I hope you are here for my next birthday.
Thank you for coming back.
Let's play when you get back.
I can't wait to take you to Jumpin Jacks.
I can't wait til you come back to St George.

Louise and Travis said...

I miss you.
Come back for my birthday, August 15th.
You are invited to my party.
I got Indiana Jones game for my Wii.
From, Quinn

Rhiannon said...

I love DC, there is so much there to learn. As for work, Nan just hired 4 new grads and I'm not sure how long they are orienting before they are on their own, probably the middle of August which means we are almost over staffed. Katie and Sandy are leaving next week and Ivo went to days, so who knows?!? I don't know what would be best for you to do. I'm excited you'll be back soon!

The Johnson's said...

Hey Barben Family! We found your blog from the Weiland's! It was fun to see your kids, they are getting so big! Your pics from D.C. were great.
Belinda & Jeremiah Johnson
our blog:

Laura and her boys! said...

Washington, D.C. finally a place that I have actually been to! LOL We went one year in the fall, and it was absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to go back and take my kids. Your family has been so lucky to see and do all that they have! I know you are cherishing this blessing!

Marcae said...

What fun experiences you guys are having! Washington D.C. is such a fun city...I guess you would call it a city??
Oh, I just found out that one of my friends grew up with Mike. Her name is Brandy, but I can't remember her maiden name. It's such a small world.